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My name is Dave Thornton. I am 50 years old and after a living all over the US while in the US Navy and working thru my life, I decided to purchase a MotorHome and live in it. Over the next few years I plan on traveling all of the United States and North America.  I am in the process this month of finishing some rehab for one of my Navy Service Connected disabilities and when I finish that in August I plan on starting on my journey.

I have narrowed down my choices to a used motor home that I can pay for quickly and upgrade the way I want to. I found a Used 1996 Fleetwood Pace-Arrow that I am purchasing for about $9,000. The first upgrade will be to pull the carpet out of it and install hardwood laminate. Then there are lots of other little things to do. I will start posting my upgrade plan.

I hope you enjoy the blog, podcast and videos. If there is something you have questions about please email me and ask.



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