Why Mexico?

After spending time in the southwest US I moved over to El Centro Naval Air Facility CA. It is only about 15 minutes to Mexicali Mexico so in my 6 weeks there I visited Mexico many times.

Mr. Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse in Mexicali Mexico. All you can eat steak for $20.00 US
Mr. Pampas Brazilian Steakhouse in Mexicali Mexico. All you can eat steak for $20.00 US

Many things in Mexico are less expensive than in the US. Electronics and Fuel are not cheaper in Mexico but most other essentials are.

I was expecting cartels, dirty cops and military and so many problems. Instead I found extremely friendly hard working people who wave at everyone driving down the road and say hello to you walking down the street. With people like that I decided to investigate a bit further.

I looked on the internet and found the city of La Paz, which is the capital of the state of Baja Sur. It is located far south on the Baja. I found a place to park my motorhome with full hookup for about 200 US Dollars per month and decided to head down for 6 months. That is how long the tourist permit is good for.

$200.00 US Dollars per month full hook up space about 200 yards from the beach.

Driving the Baja

The trip down was very different that driving in the US. First thing to do is make sure you have great directions. I made a bit of mistake and came down Mexico 5 all the way to Mexico 1 instead of crossing at Mexicali and going directly over to Mexico 1.

Mexico 5 is a very rough road. If you are going to south Baja then take Mexico 1!

In 2019 that is a horrible idea, because Mexico 5 is a horrible road that for 50 miles is just dirt and rock across the desert. My teeth and bones are still rattling from that drive a week later. I did find out that Mexico 1 is 4 lanes of paved road. So learn from my mistake and take Mexico 1 all the way down!

Do not chance driving at night on the roads in Mexico. No, it is has nothing to do with getting robbed or trying to get service if you break down. It is because of animals on the road. In the US you have worry about hitting a dear and that can be a problem … but in Mexico the problem is larger.. because hitting a cow is a real possibility.

If for some reason you have to drive at night make sure you get behind a tractor trailer so they can clear the road for you!

Baja California Sur is organic so they allow no pesticides in the entire state.

Crossing from Baja California to Baja California Sur is a little different. You have to pay 20 Pesos (about $1 US Dollar) to drive in. You cannot have any fruit or vegetables and the 20 Pesos is to spray the underside of your vehicle for bugs because there are no pesticides allow in Baja California Sur. This allows them to never have to spray the fields for bugs and keeps their organic certifications for everything in Baja California Sur.

Replacing tires

Part of driving on the horrible roads is having tire problems. In this case a huge knot on the sidewall of the tire. Had to stop in Guerreorro Negro on the Pacific coast when I crossed the state line from Baja California to Baja California Sur.

This is a great little auto shop in Guerreorro Negro. They were fair priced and did a great job installing the tires. The owners live upstairs of the shop like many in the US did years ago. All of the people there were hard working and did a great job getting me back on the road quickly.

Coming off the mountain down to the beach on the Sea of Cortez side of the Baja.

Crossing the mountains in Mexico is different than the US. There are no big fences or rails to keep you from dropping off of the road and down 150 yards to the ditch below. So you must be careful driving. If your common sense is nonexistent this is probably not the place for you. It takes commonsense to stay alive in Mexico. They don’t do a lot to protect stupid people from themselves here!

The spot in La Paz is really about 10 miles outside of town in a small community of Colonia Comitan. It is a great little beach community with people from all over the world living on the beach.

Many of the cactus here are thousands of years old. This one is over 1500 years old!

Every Friday afternoon at 4 everyone goes to the local shop and grabs a couple of Pacifico Beer and has a few drinks and tells nothing but the truth and solves the world problems.

Then at 6PM everyone heads to the restaurant where a great 1/4 pound burger with bacon and onion rings and beer is about 6 bucks.

Back at the site here is a great view from the patio roof of the site.

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